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Samuel Ryde FAQ's

What is a Giclee Print?

I use giclee prints because they give the truest reflection of my work. Giclee prints stand apart with their extremely high level of quality, longevity and value compared to a standard print.

Can I hang in my bathroom?

The simple answer is yes, but even mirrors warp so just keep a really close eye on the artwork. The second is shows signs of change, remove it. HD acrylic is sealed but every bathroom is different so it would have to be at your own risk.

Can I hang in direct sunlight?

Even in direct sunlight HD acrylics are guaranteed for 80+ plus years. Giclee prints are not quite a robust and would need to have a more considered placement especially if they do not have protective glass.

What is fine art photography?

Fine art photography is a style of photography created by an artist. The camera is their tool to share their view on the world. Fine art photos are photographs created purely for their aesthetic and imaginative qualities.

Are your prints limited editions?

Everything on my website is fully editioned, numbered, certified and signed by me. If you have a certain number you might like then I'd be happy to facilitate as best I can.

What does 'HD Acrylic' mean?

HD printing (high definition) is printed directly on to film to give maximum quality. The face mounted acrylic sits on top and protects the image from UV. The archival Canon ink is guaranteed for over 100 years. The acrylic reflects light beautifully and work well even in darker areas of the home.

Can I request custom framing options?

Of course! I always love to hear clients thoughts on framing. I'm very happy to help with any requests.

Can I see your artwork in person before purchasing?

I regularly show art art fairs and galleries across the world so just keep a look out for my insta updates or join my mailing list. My other job is a hairdresser in London's trendy Covent Garden so I have bits dotted around the salon. If you're ever in town please let me know and I'll happily show you round.

Do your prints come with a certificate of authenticity?

Everything is fully certified yes. With all farmed options the certificate will be neatly attached the the back. Signed and editioned by me.

Can I commission a custom piece of fine art photography?

I would love to hear your custom requests. I try to photowalk in every single place I visit so if you just ask there is a chance I might already have body of work ready for you to look at and of course keep an eye on my Insta for new works, not everything makes it to my website.


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