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Residency Finish / The Other Art Fair - Kings Cross /12:34

Residency Finish / The Other Art Fair - Kings Cross /12:34

                                  Bankside Residency.

Phew!!! Whatta fast ten weeks they were. Wow. Alas, the end of my residency at Bankside Hotel is upon us. Thank you to those that came to the private view last week, I thank you. It was a fantastic night, so many faces and questions my head was spinning.

The end of my residency at Bankside Hotel was marked by the completion of my hyper-local series, 'The Fifteen Minute Series'. Throughout this artistic journey, I aimed to capture the essence and vibrancy of the surrounding neighbourhood. Its a difficult way to work, restricting myself to exact boundaries but I wanted the challenge, immersing myself in the intricate fabric of everyday life within a mere fifteen-minute radius of the hotel, depicting the scenes that often go unnoticed by passersby—the secret alleyways, the hidden street art, the bustling market stalls—that, together, weave the tapestry of Bankside's unique charm. Beauty can be found in our immediate surroundings if you look hard enough.

Please enjoy the entire collection below which is available exclusively through DegreeArt.

Kings Cross - The Other Art Fair

Another month another art fair. Next week I will be showing work at The Other Art Fair in Kings Cross. I have a code for free tickets, just use RYDEPV and come join me on Thursday night for the private view, there are only 20 tickets so be quick!

I am also going to exhibit some new images for the first time as open-edition prints. They are 16x24' and will be £100 signed. I can’t wait to show you, here are some of the images I’ll be showing below.



As always, here are my favourite 12:34 images from this month. Until next time, ciao.

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