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Dallas / Bankside Hotel / Affordable Art Fair / 12:34.

Dallas / Bankside Hotel / Affordable Art Fair / 12:34.

Yeehaaa!!! Alright alright alright. Ya’ll know Texas is the capital of the world right? Well, ain’t that just dandy? Next week I travel to Dallas to take part in my fifth art fair this year. Super excited to come to Dallas for another The Other Art Fair. This time they have kindly given me a huge installation wall. The space between the fair and the bathrooms will have 6 giant vinyl images from yours truly. We are recreating the bathroom feeling so you’ll be able to attend to your make-up and hair while being surrounded by my life-size images. I can’t wait to show you the final results.

If you happen to be in Dallas from the 11th to the 14th of May then use this code ‘SAMUELINVITE’ for free tickets HERE.

Bankside Hotel Residency Update.


So it’s nearly the end of week 5 of my residency at The Bankside Hotel. When I started it felt like an age, and now I’m halfway through it feels like it won’t be enough time. I have been working on my ‘Fifteen Minute Series’ since my time there began, you can see the work so far here but I’ll add some choice cuts to this blog. One thing I have started is actually getting into local flats. As well as trying to pick away at the area I want to dig a little deeper and see the people that make up Bankside itself and the stories their homes can tell. I have only done one so far but I’d love to expand this enough to make a really interesting series.

I’m in the hotel 4 days a week so come say hi!







The Affordable Art Fair


As well as Dallas next week, I am pleased as tits to tell you I’ll also be showing at the Affordable Art Fair with Degree Art in Hampstead from the 10th to the 14th of May. The AAF was recently named the 3rd largest art in the world so it’s a huge accolade for me to be showing my work with these big boys. Alas, I won’t be in London but if you go, please take photos and tag me. I love it.



New LA Print.


Last week I finally got round to making my favourite image from my recent LA trip available to buy. If you missed it, it looks like this…


It’s available in two sizes with framed options. There’s also an Open Edition option if you prefer. Click here to have a peep





As always, please enjoy some of the shots from the last month of my 12:34 project.

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