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Bankside Hotel/Los Angeles/Dallas/12:34

Bankside Hotel/Los Angeles/Dallas/12:34

Bankside Hotel.


Hola amigos!

Sorry, it’s been so long. What a few months! OK, first things first. This week, 4th April, I start my brand new residency at the beautiful Bankside Hotel. London’s first art hotel, they have a studio attached that I have been given the keys to until June. What an amazing opportunity for me. I’m so proud to even be considered for such an honour. Over the next two months, I am working on a new series exclusively for Degree Art and The Contemporary Collective, who have given me the space, to document this incredible area. Bankside and Southwark have seen it all. I want to try and capture this unique identity, the old and new squeezed into medieval streets and the people that make up this amazing place in the centre of London.

The residency finishes on 15th June with drinks and a viewing of the new works. Feel free to book tickets now here and make sure you keep up with Insta for regular updates.





Los Angeles.


Ok LA! Holy moly what a ride. Halfway across the world, a fortune in shipping, fresh mistakes and a million new faces but I did it! First show overseas. Over the moon to be selected as one of the featured artists of the fair by the lovely people at The Other Art Fair and I was ready to welcome LA’s best and brightest (Timothée Chalamet I know that was you). Four days of meeting and greeting, sharing the hand dryer love with the usual questions being asked. Some amazing feedback and loads of new friends. LA is so photogenic it’s impossible not to fall in love with the typefaces and sunny angles that are everywhere. Below are a few of my favourite pictures from the trip.




Dallas, The Other Art Fair


Ok, next on this rollercoaster, it’s back to the US for another art fair. Again it’s The Other Art Fair but this time for the cowboys and cowgirls of Dallas. I can’t wait for this one! The really exciting part this time is I have been offered my first installation. TOAF have been gifted me the bathroom at the venue in Dallas and I can do whatever I want with it… So, hear me out. I’m thinking bubble machine. Flypostered walls. Discoball maybe? And slow jams. People of Dallas what do you think?

Here's what I’ll be exhibiting…



12:34. Monthly Update.


Here we go. The usual updates from my 12:34 project. Enjoy my favourite images from the last month at 12:34 pm every day.



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